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In order for people to stop using disposable cutlery and start using reusable cutlery they must be able to clean and transport their utensils in an easy and fashionable manner. UVare is a portable cutlery holder that enables them in doing so. It sterilizes the cutlery through the technology of UVC radiation while the user is on the go. UVare is made of recycled plastic and completely sterilizes its content within six minutes. 

UVare is an electrical and physical product. It solves an analogue problem. A problem, which is common in the western regions where take-out food is popular. However, more relevant is Asia and Africa. India, in particular, is the single largest user of disposable cutlery.
Here, UVare would have a relevant place on the market. Additionally, there are many areas in the world where clean water is not available. Thus, rinsing one’s utensils in this dirty water does not serve the intended purpose. However, one would be able to wipe off their utensils with a cloth and thereafter sanitize them through UVare. 

Research shows that food tastes best eaten from stainless steel and gold cutlery. Furthermore, plastic utensils are often a low-quality product with a short lifecycle. Also, the biodegradable cutlery is very rarely composted, which makes it just as bad as plastic cutlery. Lastly, I saw no reason to take out additional materials form the ground in order to prevent materials (petroleum) from being taken out of the ground, since it would defeat my intention. I therefore sought to find a solution that would make people use the cutlery they already have.

Because I have a deep blue love for the ocean and I am a hypocritical take-out consuming human living in New York. Thus, I experience my take-out bag being filled with unnecessary plastic cutlery on a daily basis. Plastic cutlery, that will end up in the ocean.