The Shooting ArteFact
New York, NY
Products of Design, SVA


The Shooting ArteFact is a speculative design project. It was made to raise awareness around the number of deaths caused by gun violence in America. The Shooting ArteFact is a black box that displays the number of deaths in the USA caused by gun violence this year. It reacts when a person dies by playing white noise, blinking and updating the number of deaths.

More than 14,420 people were killed in gun violence in the USA in 2017 (excluding more than 22,000 annual gun suicides). Grasping around such a high number can be hard, and to some individuals it is more a number than an amount of people. Therefore, the Shooing ArteFact alarms its surroundings every time a person is registered dead on This way, the number of deaths are expressed and manifested over time with a memorable and shocking impact. Furthermore, the outputs (the scrolling number of deaths and white noise) are meant to provoke the viewer so that they become curious about what the box is displaying and so that they will remember the box and its message.

The project was posted on where it was featured, gained 400 views and 8 comments within 24 hours.