ABOUT THIS PROJECT. SKETCH is an app connected to an Arduino enabled book lamp. Their purpose is to remind the one to sketch. In the app, one can choose a sketching duration, when and what to sketch. The sketching reminders will only stop prompting once the lamp is turned on. The lamp can only be turned on with a pencil or pen. This way, one is forced to sit down with a pencil in hand ready to sketch every day.


I created SKETCH, as I wanted to improve my sketching skills. Therefore, I designed an app that could remind me to sketch daily. I made the book as a physical manifestation and extension of the app. The ON-mechanism is meant to nudge me to sit down and grab a pencil. That is the only way I can turn the lamp on. It also serves as a sketching ritual.

– Idea
– Digital Prototype
– Physical Prototype
– Everything


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