Digital Transformation


In the Digital Transformation department of Maersk I oversaw rigid employee– onboarding, offboarding and moving processes. However, I decided to go beyond my assigned tasks by transforming and digitising the processes through user-centered design methodologies such as Gemba walks. Furthermore, methodologies such as Six Sigma, Kaizen and Agile were employed. This decreased the delivery time by 60% and fostered happier colleagues and managers. I re-branded the process as a one-stop-shop called JoinerMoverLeaver and created a new user experience.


The company adopted my user-centered methodologies, and I was appointed to present the framework to more than 75 leaders throughout the organisation.
Lastly, I designed an interactive onboarding booklet for new employees which would help them feel home and better navigate their new workspace.


– Process Owner
– Optimization
– Designer

– Lead
– Research
– Data analyzing

– Process automatization
– Vendor contact
– Customer contact


Six Sigma & CSAT
I was able to analyze and visualize the outlying customer interaction by analyzing the delivery time and Customer Satisfaction Score through the framework of Six Sigma. Below you can see how the customer interactions became stable over time.

My colleague and I presented the framework to 75 executives from the Maersk headquarters.

"The idea is that to be customer-driven, one must go to the customer's gemba to understand his problems and opportunities, using all one's senses to gather and process data." - Marc Helmold et al.