Valentine's Campaign


#KnowHerFlow was a Valentine's day campaign created by Racket to help reduce taboos and shame around menstruation. Films with Drew Gehling & Margo Seibert and Phillipa Soo & Celia Keenan-Bolger were the main manifestation of the campaign. In the films, the main object and MacGuffin is a bouquet of flowers made from menstrual products, and the main idea is that one should rather give menstrual products than flowers to the one you love. However, it is rare that the partner knows which menstrual products his or her partner uses, thus #KnowHerFlow. 


I came up with the idea for the flower bouquets in September 2017, when I participated in a hackathon with Racket. The idea was born in finding ways to include men in the conversation around menstruation. Half a year later, Racket picked-up the idea and decided to produce the two films. My peers at SVA and I created the flower bouquets, clothes for the delivery man and genderfluid sign. I presented the work at NYC x Design student showcase night with the theme of feminist designs.


– Flower idea
– Manufacturing
– Logo Design



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