Augmented Reality UX Design


AFTER is a disaster training program for high schoolers, disguised as an AR (Augmented Reality) app and game. Through playing the game, teens in Red Hook (the most highly-impacted NYC neighbourhood after Hurricane Sandy) learn where to go for help, and where to find relevant resources in their neighbourhood in case of natural disaster. 


In addition to empowering them with knowledge of their surroundings—knowledge they acquire through game play—AFTER turns them into potential guides for others in their community during a stressful emergency situation.


We grew a lot of inspiration from Pokémon GO, the AR location-based treasure hunt app, which was already widely enjoyed by our target audience. Pokémon GO had already figured out a lot for us in terms of usability, so we played off of the game’s frameworks in order to give our own app a shortcut to working easily and resonating with our users.


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