My full name is Gustav Ole Grimm Dyrhauge. I go by Gustav Dyrhauge for short. I am from Copenhagen, Denmark and currently live in New York, USA.

I was once a guard to the queen of Denmark, but the army was not for me.
Went surfing for a while.
Realised that I wanted to be a designer.
Joined the Interaction Design program at the IT University of Copenhagen while working fulltime for Maersk in Digital Transformation. 

Crossed the pond to pursue an MFA in Products of Design at School of Visual Arts in New York, USA.

Fell in love with branding and experience design.
Worked with startups and design studios as a freelancer for some time.

Now, I am building companies and designing better products and services for older adults at Alive Ventures. On weekends I design for the unorthodox fashion and lifestyle magazine Office Magazine.